A Parting Gift for the Gardens….

Today I decided to break from the tedium of packing, sorting and purging. Our dog (yes, we are down to one dog. The grandchildren in Louisville took the younger… where she now sleeps in the master bedroom between the king and queen of the house.) and I paid a visit to the gardens on this chilly December day.

In my hand, I carried parting gifts for my flora. Plant labels. Each of my trees and shrubs have common and botanical names that are as familiar to me as my good friends’ names. But I must leave this landscape full of old garden companions. To introduce them to new caretakers, they now wear the “Hello, my name is….” labels for ease of introduction. If they want to know more about a certain plant, all the new curators need to do is google their names.

ilex x attenuata fosteri

Sciadopitys verticillata

Or perhaps the new homeowners will simply open the garden shed and read the wall. Yes, I saved labels and created encyclopedic walls of information on the plants I’ve purchased through the years.  Sigh……