Aging Well in the Garden

In my garden, hydrangea blooms that were bright blue and pink during the summer months are fading and turning papery. Blooms have taken on an aged, antiqued look in shades of burgundy, pink, green and blue. Today was the day I cut the best candidates, those that were the perfect blush, more mature and paper-like, for drying.

hydrangeaMany people put their hydrangea stems in water and allow the water to evaporate as the flowers dry, however, I remove the leaves, then allow the blooms air dry naturally just as my mother always did. I have dried the blooms both ways and for me, there is no difference in the color, however the air dried blooms seem a bit more fragile.

hydrangeaMy hydrangeas will be soon be arranged in a container, no water, and the colorful blooms will become a centerpiece on our dining room table for the winter months. When spring arrives, the bouquet will be ready for the compost pile.