Top Ten Signs of Spring

Everything seems to be springing back to life this week…  but you can never be too sure in New England. They tell me it could frost up until the last week in May.  On walks, I keep my eyes open for signs that the season really is here. Here are ten signs I saw recently:

10: Star Magnolia in bloom:

9: Bees are buzzin’

8: Azaleas popping:

7. Forsythia in bloom

6. Dogs swimming:

5. Phlox creeping:


4. Canoes and Kayaks on the move:

3. The first goldfinch spotted:

2. Horsetail strobili spreading their spores:

1. And the number one sign that spring has arrived: No more frozen sheets!

Forsythia in bloom…

Plenty of people I know look down their noses at forsythia. I admit that I once dug up and discarded a lovely forsythia shrub because I was influenced by negative opinion from a more experienced gardener. But I’m more confident now and I plant what makes me smile and forsythia really makes me smile. It brings back memories of my childhood, the full, naturally arching boughs that invited playtime beneath the branches.  It’s just beginning to bloom in this yard and although someone has pruned it into a sad light bulb shape, those tiny yellow blooms still capture the magic of spring.