Cool Weather

I like Winter, Spring is Nice, Let’s Skip Summer, And do Fall Twice(Rusty Fischer)

Fall is my very favorite season. We have officially transitioned in New Hampshire. There is an invigorating crispness to the air so we’re wearing sweaters now, we sleep under down at night, it’s darker in the morning and in the evening, football is on the tube, leaves are changing, and it’s apple picking time!

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at our outdoor farmers’ market in Exeter, the 2nd largest in the state, where an abundance of fall crops, meats, sweets, meals, crafts and friendly faces greeted us. We didn’t have a shopping list but browsed from booth to booth stocking up on mostly vegetable goods but, oh, how to resist the flowers!

Exeter Farmers' Market 9/29/16

Browsing the booths with fall crops was a little like walking through a rainbow!

Click to see anything up close

That was yesterday. This morning I made the 4-mile drive to Applecrest Farms, New Hampshire’s oldest and largest apple orchard. They grow a variety of goods from peaches, berries, pumpkins and all the summer vegetables. A popular pastime is Pick-Your-Own. We’ve participated and ridden the wagon to the far fields for a variety of fruits.

Here is the ancient sign at Applecrest to help customers make good buying decisions. This week I’m making an apple crisp with cinnamon whipped cream topping so today I was seeking Macs, Courtland, Ida Red for cooking and Honey Crisp for eating.

Applecrest Farm

The Applecrest weekends are filled with autumn activities: music, Pick-Your-Own, hayrides, petting zoo, pie eating contests, fresh pressed cider, and fire roasted corn, sausage, dogs & burgers….. and a bit of clam chowder for me, please. On this Friday morning, they were abuzz setting up and getting ready. Mums..pumpkins…apples galore.

Oh yes, let’s do fall twice!


Applecrest Farm Orchards 7th Annual Peach Festival

I learned about Applecrest Farm through another blog, Diary of a Tomato, written by a supercharged blogger who educates and informs readers of Seacoast happenings and more. When I read that author John Irving worked there as a teen and the site provided inspiration for Cider House Rules, we decided to pay a visit for their 7th Annual Peach Festival. Peaches in New England? Yes, a great variety, matter of fact. Live and learn.

Finger snapping and foot tapping Bluegrass

Everyone was invited!

Aromas galore…

Peach ice cream was the best…

Off to the orchards

We passed cherry trees,

..and many varieties of apples,

… raspberry pickers,

… fields of crops,

… and back at the barn,

…you could cut your own flowers!

We came away with peaches, peach pies, organic blueberries, cider doughnuts, blueberry jam and lots to remember.