We’re feeling the some of the last minute Christmas rush. I know people who shop the January sales to stock up on gifts for the following Christmas or they pick up a few gifts in July. When Christmas rolls around, they don’t feel that rush like the rest of us. I totally lack the vision for shopping early, plus I like a little of the last minute rush. Most of our 11 grandchildren are old enough to prefer green gifts that fit in envelopes. That makes it easy there but we are still shopping both online and locally for our offspring, younger grands, and for the mister and me.

Our holiday decorations have been pared down. We have a small but overdecorated tree in our new room, an abundance of greens decking the halls, and collections of classic Santas of all sizes wherever we have space. But most of our holiday decorations have been passed on to the next generation.

I am partial to our small Santas that are displayed 04072FEE-8A8E-420D-A4C1-BFDA970F7B5F_1_105_c like a crowded Santa convention this year. Some years they are spread out along the mantle, some years as a centerpiece on the dining table, or on a bookshelf, a desk, or a side table. This year they are tightly packed atop a wooden box that belonged to my grandmother. None are really, really old. Some are resin, some are tin, some plastic, one is oilcloth, and a few are older chalkware made from old chocolate molds. Whenever I find a Santa I like, he joins the collection.

It’s been pleasurable joining friends to celebrate the holiday in different events from cocktails, to volunteer work in the community, luncheons with club members, and gatherings with friends. Meeting fellow garden club members at the Exeter Historical Society to decorate with greens is something I look forward to every year. Members drop off bags of beautiful evergreens and berries that several of us shape into wreaths, boxwood balls, and arrangements just in time for Historical Society’s annual Christmas social. These holiday traditions and time with family and friends keep me sane as we face an uncertain world.

This weekend we will join the youngest of our family at a Holiday Brunch with my Portsmouth NH family. Children visit with this delightful Santa below, then they participate in various projects… like cookie decorating, ornament making, and more. The morning ends up a little like “The Keystone-Cop-Kids meet the Grandparents.” Every little one is dressed to the nines with adult’s cameras and phones flashing nonstop.Β  My camera is ready. Can’t wait….

Wentworth Santa 2018


8 thoughts on “Countdown

  1. Love it!!! We also have paired way down on our Christmas decorations, but still have the core of it up….our granddaughter and grandson had their first visit with Santa this last week…she just turned 3 and he turns 1 in January! So cute and brought back so many memories for my wife and I when our girls were that little. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!


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