We awoke to a temperature of 30° this October 5th morning. Last night I walked around the garden and said goodbye to the colorful annuals in the borders. My patch of small zinnias were lovely and full of bees yesterday. Today the blooms are gone. My cheerful impatiens gone. My favorite snapdragons? Faded but survived. Marigolds? Gone. My gorgeous purple vervain? Gone.

I covered my tomato plant last night hoping to save the plant that is chock-a-block full of green tomatoes.

Celebrity tomatoes 2019

Yesterday’s tomato plant

It was a fail. The plant is very sad looking today. There will be another freeze or frost tonight so tomatoes will be picked and used in the kitchen… fried, green tomato jam, relish, plus experimenting with new recipes like the Green Tomato Breakfast Bread I made yesterday using shredded green tomatoes.

shredded green tomatoes 2019

The recipe may seem somewhat farfetched but it passed inspection by mister gardener. The sweet breakfast bread recipe that is said to be from East Europe. I started with tomatoes, then added dried cranberries for New England, some walnuts that we both love and the result was a sweet and moist winner that we enjoyed for dinner last night and breakfast this morning.

green tomato breakfast bread 2019

PS: We couldn’t taste the tomatoes!

We draw the line at things like green tomato hotcakes or green tomato smoothies… but if there are any suggestions for using up green tomatoes, we’d like to know!



20 thoughts on “FREEZE!

  1. I had a friend in Virginia who picked them green, wrapped them individually in newspaper and kept them in the garage til Christmas. Somehow they magically “ripened” and we’re decent for slicing.

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    • No, I have never had mincemeat pie. Does your recipe contain suet or meat? Our tradition is Figgy Pudding served flambé on Christmas Eve. Very fruity and I wonder if the taste is similar to mincemeat pie.


  2. It is always sad to see the frost take away the garden’s beauty. I make fried green tomatoes and can relish. Often leave green tomatoes on the window sill to ripen.

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    • We have a few more fried green tomatoes on the menu this fall. Yesterday I picked over 40 tomatoes from one plant and left many small ones on the plant. Many are on the windowsill, and a good number used to make green tomato marmalade… a first for me. I do love green tomato relish.

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  3. It looks like you got enough suggestions for green tomatoes. I will mention one more, even though we get only very few that do not ripen. I simply pickle them. The green fruit does not have much flavor itself, so takes on the flavor or whatever herbs get added to it.

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