A little Southern Hospitality

I needed this break. Call it a reunion or homecoming or gathering of the clan. It was time again for a sibling get-together and the most logical location these days is Richmond, Virginia where 4 of the 6 surviving sibs live. A sister drove from Wisconsin and I hopped aboard JetBlue for a nonstop to Richmond, always a full flight and normally an uneventful and pleasant flight to my home state. All began well.


That is until my young seatmate began to get settled… first by taking off her shoes! Sniff…sniff.  She reached up and turned on her air full blast. She was wearing a heavy sweatshirt. I wore a light tee-shirt and the air was cold. 🥶

While I was contemplating what to do or how to ask her to aim the air her way, she pulled up her hoodie to cover most of her face and was asleep. And within two minutes, she was leaning her head on my shoulder. I had forgotten to lower the arm rest between us so our seats were like a nice comfy couch. Yikes!

So what did I do? Not a thing. She slept on my shoulder until we landed and when she awoke and sat up… she said not a word.

No Shoes!

Once on the ground, things greatly improved. We usually bunk at one or more of our 3 brothers’ homes for our stay but for the first time, the 3 sisters decided to secure a small conveniently located airbnb. And what a good idea that was. No one had to feed, entertain us, wash sheets and towels, and so forth. The first night all sibs and spouses gathered at the rental and we ate pizza and burned the midnight oil catching up, retelling family stories with greater embellishments and louder laughter than the previous year.

During the day, we played musical houses from dawn to dark visiting the homes and gardens of family members. This trip differed in that we, the senior generation, were invited to homes of the younger generation for visits, a potluck cookout, and even attended a Compline, a monastic evening service lit only by candlelight with a small group of singers, a niece being a member of the a capella choir. What a wonderful dimension the younger generation added to our annual homecoming.

compline, St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Richmond VA

All week, we ate  and laughed and ate more and laughed more. Brunch at one home, lunch at another, cocktails at a third, and restaurants, too. Southern hospitality is definitely alive and well.

Always a highlight is the garden of our most senior sib who is a wizard at architectural rendering and building. He has designed and constructed three garden buildings that are marvels. Every blogger has one or two posts that folks visit more than others. My blogs of his gardens and outbuildings are the most visited and the most copied photos of my simple blog. Yep… by far.

Garden Building

His newest garden addition is a garden structure he built to contain his whole house generator.  I was glad to finally see it in person after a year of photos.

Generator Building, Richmond Va

Back home again in New Hampshire, renewed, refreshed, and eating a lot less, I’m in the garden again.  Fall maintenance…. the dividing, deadheading, and transplanting needs to happen now. Before we know it, alas, this scene from yesterday will soon be the scene from last February.



13 thoughts on “A little Southern Hospitality

    • They would love it. But if we write it down, they might call us out on our annual embellishment! We think we’re so hilarious. Not sure about the spouses and in-laws who are so patient with us.


  1. We’re heading out to see family in a couple of weeks, and I must admit I’m not looking forward to the six hour flight, but it beats driving. 🙂 It sounds like you had a marvelous family get together, and I am green with envy for your brother’s generator house. That’s got to be the most glorious generator home anywhere. Love your header shot, and I started the fall chores today. It always pains me, but it has to be done. 🙂


    • Six hours?? Well, I hope the only head on your shoulder will be your husband’s. I woke with a sore throat two days later. I think the girl leaning on me might have been sick. 🙄 When you return from your trip, the leaves might be falling and the real work begins….

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  2. Your post was extremely well timed. On the way home from work the day of the post, I was listening to Fox’s “The Five”. One of them predicted that in 20 years it will be illegal to take your shoes off on an airplane. If it’s not the law, it should be!

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  3. What a great family get together….I so love them (3 siblings for me)….we get together periodically….last March was our last time. Two of us live in So Cal, one in Michigan and one in Ohio….love the pictures.
    Ugh on the flight and your seat neighbor. Tops about anything I’ve seen in all my years of flying. The good news it wasn’t an overly long flight……

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