Rogue Bunny

He/She is big, fat and hungry. My neighbors have seen this big bunny in the neighborhood and I’m not sure a dog/cat/owl/hawk/fox, etc. would tackle it, they say. Last year’s good bunny, Ferdinand, who only ate grass and clover has been replaced by a garden rogue. Ferdinand never nibbled any plants, even left alone my lettuce or parsley, but the new bunny wants all the good stuff like the newly planted colorful violas blooms around the borders and in pots here and there… like around my fav bunny below.

violas 2019

Today I walked out and saw this:

violas gone 2019

And this…

Every johnny-jump-up bloom and bud in the garden was eaten…. except on one small viola.Β  I quickly protected the last little blooms. If you look around in the photo, you’ll see all my crocus has been eaten along with the tulips and grape hyacinths greens.


I have yet to see this big bunny that several neighbors have spotted because smart bunny dines in my yard under the cover of darkness. And never having had a rabbit problem in the past, I’m somewhat baffled.Β  Today I will research ways to rabbit-proof the gardens or find out what they don’t like to eat.Β  Any suggestions, aside from harming it, are welcome.

🐰🌷🐰🌷🐰 🌷🐰

14 thoughts on “Rogue Bunny

  1. “someone” ate all my petunias,milkweed, and clematis last summer .I have seen the groundhog under the bird feeder already. Fencing has to be buried at least a foot to keep bunnies and pals out of the gardens. But they seem to leave Hosta for the slugs .


  2. Our neighbors last year had same issue and for some reason we did not….could it have been our cats staring out the window at night….doubt it!! Our daughter and son-in-law are having the same issue you are in their garden…I think he’s going to install electric garden fence…..


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