At last….

Snow has finally made an appearance in New England. The locals are excited. The ski resorts are excited. Cross country skiers are excited. Sledders are excited. Kids who play outdoors, build snowmen or have snowball fights are excited. The snow plow drivers are excited.

I don’t do any of those things but I am excited, too. Something about snow is peaceful and calming. The landscape is blanketed in white, sounds are muted, automobile traffic slows and some folks, especially me, simply want to open a book and read while relaxing in a favorite chair, looking up every page or so to watch the snow flakes fall…. and occasionally opening the door to toss seeds, fruit and nuts to the waiting birds and squirrels.

I did finish a book and read half of a new book today but when the shadows grew long, I decided to pull on boots and make the first tracks in our landscape. From where the snow depth reached near the top of my boots, I’d guess we were served up about 10-inches of the white stuff…. give or take an inch or so. Winds caused peaks and valleys so it’s hard to be exact.


Rabbit serving snow a la mode

rabbit ears 2019

Rabbit hibernating

I was thankful to have a thick blanket of snow over most of my smaller plants like my boxwood below. The insulation will help them tonight, tomorrow night, and later this week when temperatures plunge close to zero degrees.

Birdbath 2019

Insulated boxwood

When the weather turns this cold and snowy, our birds seem to lose a little of their apprehension of approaching humans…. meaning me.  It’s all about survival now. They come often to feed and the heated birdbath proves to be a popular meeting place for all birds and squirrels.

bluejay 2019

With melting snow turning my socks cold and wet inside my boots, I quickly decided all was well in our little world.  I made my way back to my reading chair with a hot mug of tea, a nice warm blanket, and dry socks.  I will finish another book today.

path 2019


21 thoughts on “At last….

    • Cold weather gets harder to deal with for me, too. You are 12° and we are 4° this morning but I bet they feel the same when you’re out in it. Hope you can wait until it warms a few degrees until you must feed the chicks! They won’t feel too happy with 12° either.


    • Well… I’ve been busy this morning stuffing bags into windows for drafts. Thank you for that good tip on your blog. 😄 We fell to 1° this morning and it felt like a hurricane blowing through the house.

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      • Glad to help. I did my nightly routine a little while ago, and stuffed the door jambs with my bags. Without them, it is like a window is open. You guys are really dealing with the cold right now so I’ll hope it moves up a little for you into a more manageable range. 🙂

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    • I’ve got southern blood. These temperatures are too much for me. I attempted to step out on the deck last night to watch and photograph the lunar eclipse. Too dangerously cold. I watched it live on my computer…. 😕

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    • When it’s this cold, there is no fighting at the feeder. All manner of birds are just looking to survive. The Cooper’s Hawk has appeared to terrorize birds at a neighbor’s feeder and so far he happy there with birdlife. I’m sure he’ll eventually discover our small bird sanctuary.

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      • I just read your interesting and educational blog on your hawk. Yes, the hawks must eat and it’s good that you have ready meals of house sparrows. Around this neighborhood, they’re taking the juncos and doves. We only have house sparrows during the summer months.


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