There he goes again!

A brother in Virginia emailed this fall that he was beginning to build another outbuilding that he designed. He’s the brother who designed and built two other outbuildings in their beautiful landscape. If you’re interested in checking them out, I boasted posted some words and photos about this one and about this one in earlier blogs.

The original one is the largest and has a pull-down ladder to an attic large enough to stand up in. He designed it after seeing one like it in Williamsburg VA, our hometown. The second one, built to mirror the first one, is smaller and houses his lawn mower, trimmer, and other gasoline powered equipment. Not too long ago he said he needed an even smaller outbuilding to house the whole-house generator he purchased after going through Hurricane Florence. Really? Another outbuilding?

generator outbuilding

It seemed to me that with one emailed photo he was starting to construct the building and the following email a couple of weeks later was full of photos of the painting of the finished product. He designed the smaller generator shed to match the other two on the far side of the home with his ‘signature 8/12’ roof.

Richmond 2018

The louvered doors taken from a large estate were found at a local salvage dealer… a dealer who knows him by name by now as he’s been a steady customer through the years. I have not seen this latest outbuilding in person and was a little confused where the heck it exactly sat on their property. He answered that it’s located right where a 40-year old boxwood was located…. a huge shrub I do remember…. that he dug up and moved to a spot front yard. Oh my!

generator 2018

He just shared a photo of his new generator outbuilding from his window after a mid-Atlantic snowstorm blanketed the area. The generator outbuilding is the showpiece he hoped for and truly looks as though it’s been there since colonial days.

Generator building snow 2018

I’m proud of this talented bro and boasted posted about him and my sister-in-law here and here, too. I’m a lucky gal.

12 thoughts on “There he goes again!

  1. I lived in the near west end of Richmond for awhile and enjoyed it although I was not a serious gardener at the time. Your earlier posts about your brothers “dependencies” are so inspiring. In the spring I will finally have my first and, unbeknownst to my husband, am already envisioning my second. So exciting. Thanks for supporting my garden obsession-also in 5b.

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    • Oh wow. If he lived closer to you, I know he’d jump to help with a nice farm stand project for you. He just doesn’t quit. We can’t enjoy Thanksgiving or Christmas without Edwards ham. They aren’t quite as salty after processing elsewhere but we feel fortunate that other companies are helping them out until they rebuild.

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  2. It looks like a very fancy outhouse. My outhouse was built on top of a hollow trunk of a redwood tree. The hollow trunk was more than ten feet deep. The slop was so steep that the stump was only a few feet high on the uphill side, so a very short bridge was all I needed to get to it.

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