Giving Thanks

After baking for several days, washing sheets, cleaning, vacuuming, greeting or transporting Thanksgiving guests, we spent a wonderful several days gathered with family and friends…three generations strong and plenty of food, laughter, and fun.

It was later on Thanksgiving night that I heard an odd noise when I walked across the kitchen floor. What…? My imagination. I continued to clean dishes from the Thanksgiving meal. Again I heard that sound. That’s when I opened the cupboard beneath the sink and saw water… water that had pooled inside the cupboard beneath plastic bins full of cleaning products!

Needless to say, we leaped into action, turned off water supply, sopped up everything beneath the sink but we knew the rest was beyond us. Water had been seeping beneath the floorboards perhaps for days. A call to insurance and our plumber, visits by restoration service with flashlights and moisture meters, and finally a total removal of the kitchen floor. We are thankful water did not damage the cupboards, penetrate the basement or other rooms Kitchen water 2018but it had leaked long enough to saturate all areas of the kitchen floor.

So that is where we are now. The floor is drying with 4 very loud blowers and enormous dehumidifier equipment. The stove is pulled out into the room, but we can squeeze in and cook and, thank goodness, we can make coffee.

All in all, we feel fortunate. This is just a bump in the road of misfortunes. With indescribable disasters, adversities, and catastrophes striking so many around the world, we are giving thanks and remembering our blessings this holiday season.

11 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. I couldn’t bring myself to hit ‘like’ on this one, but it sounds like you have all the essential players lined up to remedy the situation. In this day of scrambling to find workmen, I applaud your contacts because I’d probably still be searching. A friend once told me ‘if you can throw money at it, it’s not a real problem.’ I try to keep that in mind when life throws up a roadblock. 🙂

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    • It is a nuisance, an inconvenience, an annoyance, an irritation, etc. but could be worse. One of the most annoying things is having to yell to be heard over four industrial fans and the dehumidifier.


  2. Unreal!! We had the same problem the week before Thanksgiving. We kept thinking we were imagining it for days…..but after taking the bottom kick-plate off the dishwasher we found the leak. We got our son to bring home a new diswasher in his truck, and when we pulled the old dishwasher out, we found it had been leaking so long that the floor underneath was spongy. I replaced that part of the floor myself, which is unseen. We were fortunate enough to have no damage to the family room below. I also discovered that the floor unde the tile is finished like the rest of the house. I know folks today do not tile kitchens, but we are leaving our tile down! Someday someone will restore the original floor.

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    • You were very lucky to have the leak stay right under your dishwasher. And so fortunate you can handle those repairs to the floor. If you’re looking for another challenge, come see us! 😊

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