Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer!

Spring is a beautiful time of year and we were fortunate that our 2018 spring was enjoyable with enough rain to turn everything lush and green. Today summer has officially arrived bringing heat and humidity and the first flush of WEEDS. All kinds of tiny weeds have sprouted in lawns and in borders around this neighborhood.

I’m not crazy about the idea of dousing the property with chemicals so I’m laboring a little each day to pull them out before they form seed heads. I find the single best way to rid oneself of weeds is the good old-fashioned pull-them-out-by-hand when the ground is moist and the plants are young. That’s when it’s easy to pull the entire weed up because if you don’t get the root out, it’s probably going to grow back. I simply grab a weed close to the ground and slowly pull straight up. If the ground is dry, I find the second best way to remove weeds is with a triangular blade hoe. You’ll find no Roundup used around my yard!

Our association lays down mulch in our neighborhood and those are the weeds I tackle first.  A few inches of compost/mulch mix makes it easier to pull them out, roots and all…. even the young pokeweed below that will develop a huge taproot that will go deep and spread horizontally later in the summer.

Pokeweed 2018

 Root System on Young Pokeweed

Chickweed, Hairy Bittercrest, Dandelion, Wood Sorrel, Plantains, Purslane, Pokeberry, Prostrate Spurge, Crabgrass and my worst gardening enemy… Creeping Charlie (in the neighbor’s yard), are all waiting to grow and develop a good root system and simply take over… but, sorry, not on my watch!

wood sorrel 2018

Young Wood Sorrel

Plantain 2018

Young Plantain

Prostrate Spurge

Young Prostrate Spurge

New Shoots of Creeping Charlie

New shoots of Creeping Charlie creeping ever closer to my gardens!

No matter how dreaded a job, we must accept that weeds are part of gardening and be prepared to do battle but never win the war. No matter how many you pull out, nature is constantly reseeding them for you.



9 thoughts on “Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer!

      • Oh my! Such a waste! If only it were practical to rehome them. I had a lawn of bigleaf maples on the side of my roadway for a short while. I wanted to leave them through the year so that I could pull them and send them to someone who could use them in the following winter. However, without telling me, the road association mowed them all! When I got my sugar maples, they were ungrafted seed grown trees. I wanted them that way. If I had room to grow more firewood (and not so much constantly coming from the forest), I would be pleased to plant seedling bigleaf maples too.

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      • Our association would not permit the oaks and maples to mature. Thankfully New Hampshire is the second most ‘forested’ state behind Maine. I love our trees!

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      • One of my colleagues in Los Osos is likewise not allowed to grow trees that obscure the views of neighbors uphill. However, there are none uphill from where he lives now. We removed a Leyland cypress from his former home that was down at the beach below.

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  1. Well i have so many weeds I have begun to adopt some as regular garden plants as long as they play nicely, And the pollinators love them. Ah well – not the perfect garden.

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    • Weeds can be quite pretty, can’t they? I especially like the delicate little wood sorrel with the bright yellow blooms. It’s truly a survivor, popping up everywhere… even in gravel.


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