Unwelcome Temperatures!

Spring is my favorite time of year and we’ve been waiting for it for a long time in New Hampshire. Last month felt more like winter at times but today we’re jumping right over spring and landing smack dab in the middle of July.  As May rolled around, it brought us a hot 87° today beneath a blazing sun with a few similar days in the immediate forecast.

Tulips that were glorious and happy in our cool April, opening each morning and closing at dusk, are prostrate and sad-looking in the almost 90° heat. They like it cool.

tulip 2018

The last several days were chilly enough for me to wear a fleece while working in the garden, edging the borders, and even covering the young tomato plants against the nighttime frost. Today it’s shorts, short sleeves and lots of sunscreen. I should be at the beach but instead I’m tending to the garden and all the newly planted plants with undeveloped root systems.

I’m caring for newly planted lettuce in the garden that is flagging and keeping the soil from drying out too fast in newly planted flower containers. Some containers I’ve moved to the shade. Baby grass that was beginning to grow has faded. The hose is ready, waiting and being used today!

In spite of the weather, nature seems to prevail. Good news is that our hummingbirds returned two days ago. I had the nectar waiting and our two males are already fighting and fussing with each other over two feeders. We happily welcomed the return of the catbirds, the chipping sparrows, the phoebes, and the pine warblers. Most of the winter birds have migrated to their breeding grounds and now we watch as our neighborhood avians claim territory and build their nests. It’s a happy but busy time in nature!

14 thoughts on “Unwelcome Temperatures!

    • I’m sure my tiny plants will survive with proper attention. Not sure about my grass though. I hope the warmth spurs a little growth on your plants for your Master Gardener plant sale.


  1. OMG….same as Virginia. It seems to have skipped much of spring and gone straight to HOT. The heat comes on in the am before we arise (automatic thermostat) and by ten am we shut it off because the AC is calling. Outdoors it’s a floral wonderland; however, all of our spigots are fighting the heat’s drying the soil! Wow.

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    • I check the weather map and saw that Virginia had the very same weather as New Hampshire. It is a floral wonderland there. Water is precious and very expensive here so I’m not dragging that hose out as much as you are!


  2. Here in the Arizona desert summer has hit, but not before a few days reprieve in the low 70’s on Wed/Thursday (107 is our forecast high for tomorrow…way too early for that type of summer heat). Humming birds in abundance and birds nests everywhere…weird weather across the US this last winter and apparently still….

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    • 107°??? Did the temperatures actually get that hot? That’s hot enough to burst plant cells, I think. You get so many varieties of hummers there. We only have one variety… the ruby-throated hummingbird. I loved visiting family in San Diego and seeing all the varieties on flowers and feeders.

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      • 106 is Max for plants….average summer temp here is 107….this is unusually early for that temp…temp lower today and back to 90’s rest of week. Loved all of the tropical plants we had in our yard when we lived in San Diego.


  3. That is why we do not grow lettuce or cole crops as late as they are grown elsewhere. Although it does not get very hot here, it gets warm enough to cause such vegetable plants to bolt.

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    • That makes sense. No worries. I’m sure a grocery is nearby. We are harvesting lettuce from the garden now…. even romaine that you can’t buy in the stores right now due to the recall. So good!

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      • The funny thing is that the Salinas Valley, where so much of the cole crops and lettuce in American is grown, is not very far away from us.


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