Another Nor’easter

The East Coast took a beating in the last two days from a fierce nor’easter. The storm left perhaps millions without power and too many people losing lives in several states. Family members in Tidewater Virginia were affected by downed trees, flooding, travel woes, snow, rain, and loss of power, but they’re safe. Massachusetts, Maryland and Virginia issued a state of emergency.

Moving up the coast from the mid-Atlantic, the storm pounded the coastal communities of New Hampshire forcing high tides into neighborhoods. Roads became rivers for two days but the nor’easter pulled away from the coast today leaving us with cold, blustery winds and rough seas. We drove to the coastline to survey the damage.

Higher elevations showed evidence of very little damage….

nor'easter 2018

…while waves were still pummeling the seawalls and shoreline.

Nor'easter 2018

We witnessed the power of Mother Nature on seawalls up and down the NH coast. Huge chunks were missing or the walls were simply gone in places.

nor'easter 2018

The sheer force of the storm ripped large holes in parking areas, eroded road edges, and left massive amounts of rocks everywhere. Locals were busy clearing them away from driveways and yards, a monumental job on some properties.

nor'easter 2018

Crews working around the clock cleared roadways of rocks, sand, wood, and rubble.

nor'easter 2018

This sidewalk simply disappeared and was replaced by rocks.

nor'easter 2018People are drawn to the ocean in good weather and bad. Today’s weather brought out many folks who, like us, wanted to be a part of the experience, check out the ocean, or grab some photographs of the waves.

A 5K and Half Marathon scheduled for the Seacoast today was being held in spite of standing water. When the going gets tough…. those New Hampshire runners get going. Hot soup and Smuttynose beer awaited the runners at the finish line.

Local police were bundled up against the cold at the finish line.

Finish Line Half Marathon 3/4/18

Spectators braved the rocks to view the ocean.

nor'easter 2018

A downed barrier offered this photographer the perfect perch for photography.

nor'easter 2018

The downside of the storm was evident but there was an upside for a few. Surfers are always excited to experience the after effects ofย  a storm. This afternoon, there were about a dozen of them riding massive wave action out in the Atlantic.

nor'easter 2018

Spring might be right around the corner, but we are rudely reminded that winter is not finished with us. Weather forecasts predict that a major winter storm in the northern plains may bring us more snow, heavy rain, and strong winds by next weekend… that while thousands of utility workers are racing right now to restore power to millions. Sigh.

14 thoughts on “Another Nor’easter

    • Excluding inlets, bays, islands, and estuaries, the NOAA gives New Hampshire only 13 miles of beaches on the ocean! Yep, it’s naturally rocky with lots of granite but there are gorgeous sandy beaches. Mountains aren’t too far away. My kids snow ski every weekend. But what I love best is the color GREEN. It’s a lush forested state…. the second most forested in the US behind Maine. Do I sound like a travel ad? ๐Ÿ˜Š

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    • I’m sure Dover is okay following the storm…. and I’m glad it didn’t affect South Carolina too much. I see the weather there has finally warmed up and I’m sure you are taking full advantage. ๐ŸŒž

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  1. I agree, seeing the ocean and beach is wonderful in both good and bad weather. Something about going out after a storm and seeing what mother nature has done, I guess it just speaks to your soul and our own vulnerabilities. So glad our electricity is back on but many of my family is still out. We have snow/rain showers in the forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday, so yes winter is still holding on… xo kim

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    • I was surprised your tents didn’t blow away! A good blow sometimes takes care of those unreachable dead branches in trees but it sounds like you lost more than that with your pines. Big cleanup!


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