Oh, what a tree!

Nothing says ‘Old South’ like the Southern live oak. The magnificent Spanish moss-draped tree grows so well in the soil of Hilton Head. It tolerates salt spray, loves the climate, and we have admired so many of them all over the island.

What makes them so memorable? It’s all in the limbs. Their massive limbs can grow horizontal or downward near the ground before turning upright or they can form great arching tunnels over roadways.


They are loved and greatly protected on the island with laws governing  pruning, removal or land clearing for construction. One Southern live oak limb we’ve often ducked beneath on a busy sidewalk has a sign warning pedestrians. How cool is that?

10 thoughts on “Oh, what a tree!

  1. They are now popular street trees here in the west because the are cleaner than our native cost live oaks and more tolerant of irrigation in landscaped areas (even though their roots are usually complaisant). The coast live oak drops foliage and flowers all year. The Southern live oak does the same, but tends to drop more leaves in certain seasons, and drops less throughout the year.

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