Today everyone eats

Today we are experiencing a fierce blizzard in New Hampshire and I have invited all hungry animals, even these pesky ones, to dine on birdseed, peanuts, and fruit. It can be life or death out there. The snow is deep and the wind is ferocious.






It will get a heck of a lot worse today before it gets better. But we’re safe and snug inside with a nice fire and plenty of cocoa… and with fingers crossed that we don’t lose power!

6 thoughts on “Today everyone eats

  1. Good for you, Annie! I’m in northwest Ohio, and while we don’t have as much snow as you do, we’re experiencing unusually cold temps too. Despite suffering from a 2-day migraine, I just forced myself outside to feed and water the birds and squirrels. They seem quite grateful. 🙂

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    • I see your cold temps online and I think you’re sharing your temperatures with us by the weekend. We used to live in Defiance OH and I think our climate is quite similar…. maybe more snow here though.


    • We had just fed the birds today when a hawk appeared from nowhere, landed with a thud atop a bird on our deck, and a second later all we saw was a pile of feathers. I guess the hawks have to eat, too, but a birdfeeder sure makes it ‘easy pickins’ for the birds of prey.


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