Christmas in Williamsburg VA

A little nostalgia today as I am thinking about Christmas in my hometown of Colonial Williamsburg VA and re-posting some photos of the holiday decorations from 2010. It’s such a exciting time of the year with CW residents and shops participating in a decorating contest. All materials in the wreaths are found locally and would have been available to colonists. What fun it is for tourists and hometown folks to walk the ‘DOG’ (Duke of Gloucester Street) and marvel at the original, the simple, the complex, the large, and the small adornments on homes and stores. Enjoy!

Click photos for close-ups.

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a stroll down Duke of Gloucester Street in Williamsburg. Doors, windows, gates and walls are trimmed with wreaths and swags fashioned from natural materials. Magnolia leaves, boxwood, holly, pine, dried flowers, wheat, cotton, fruit, berries, cones and more form the foundation for creative and artistic decorations that provide a treat for visitors and inspiration for making our own holiday adornments. Here are a small sampling of the 2010 holiday trimmings.

13 thoughts on “Christmas in Williamsburg VA

  1. What great variety. I particularly like the oyster shell wreath, which would be easy for us to make at this time of year. Some of these are almost “edgy” for Williamsburg.


  2. The display of King George swinging was a bit edgy and it seemed to draw curious visitors to stare or to photograph. I happened to be strolling with my British friend who feigned shock over the sight of a strung up royal.


  3. I love “Billyberg” at Christmas… especially the Grand Illumination… the candles in the windows…fireworks all the decorations… watching the crowds pass by on DOG Street…I have many fond memories of Christmas Eve with my parents and friends…. bonfires and carols sung… ham, oysters and “sallie lunn” bread…yum….


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