Tree of life

We have a beautiful crabapple tree just feet from our house and the crown almost even with our upstairs bedroom window. The first thing we hear in the morning is a chorus of fruit eating birds being well-fed on the coldest of winter mornings from the dim light of predawn to first light of sunrise.

This year we had a bumper crop of crabapples that may be the result of a two year drought followed by a wonderful wet spring this year.

The limbs were so heavy with fruit that the association decided to remove some limbs that were resting atop tall bushes below.

I would have left those limbs alone and allowed the fruit to be eaten over the winter. Many times limbs rebound when fruit is gone. I’d much rather trim the shrubs below.

Among the robins, cardinals and other song birds are hungry turkeys that dine twice a day both on and under the tree.

With my computer not cooperating after the latest system upgrade, I’m posting using my smartphone. Let’s hope the phone and I are smart enough to make this work. 😊

6 thoughts on “Tree of life

  1. Oh, Annie. Your photos are gorgeous. We don’t get Cedar Waxwings until March. Scott has a worm farm and is feeding the bluebirds and wrens. He left the “nursery “ in the living room, and I must say grossed out a few ladies I was entertaining. Love you, Daisy

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  2. How delightful! Our neighbors have a crabapple tree, and we enjoy watching the birds feast daily as well. This year, one particular cardinal seems to have claimed it as his own territory. He is there constantly, and I never see any of the other birds (other than the cardinal’s mate) visiting that tree. Are cardinals territorial? Or, do you think that’s my imagination?

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    • Cardinals can be very territorial toward other cardinals but not in the winter. During the breeding season, it’s another story. We have fewer cardinals this year, too. I don’t know why.


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