I don’t have a dog anymore…

…and it makes me feel a little like an outsider in society.  I’ve always lived with (hate the word ‘owned’) canines during my lifetime: English Setters, Irish Setters, dachshunds, labs, and several mutts.  I’ve lived with and loved cats, too: short-haired, long-haired, Siamese, and several alley cats, all of whom adopted me and not the other way around. My children grew up with canines and felines. But right now, it’s just the two of us and we no longer live with 4-legged residents. We have downsized. Our home is now small and the property is communal.

I have a daughter who says she couldn’t live without being surrounded by her dogs and cats as we had when she was young. Her house is full of them as you can see. They follow her from room to room and gaze up trying to anticipate her next move as she completes daily activities. The family loves them with a passion.

Matter of fact, the large lab mix with the gray muzzle is our old dog, Annabelle, who moved in with my Kentucky daughter when we relocated to New Hampshire. (BTW: I think Annabelle is much happier in that home as rules are freer. Yes, they all sleep in bed with the humans. Yikes!)


When we first became dog-less, there was a void. No whines or barks. Bowls and toys and brushes and food went with Annabelle. We were no longer are on a first name basis with the local vet. No more dog license renewals. No more scheduling human activities around the dog’s schedule.  It was that empty nest syndrome that I felt when the kids moved out.  I found myself looking at too many of those cute puppy videos on Facebook and stopping strangers with dogs on the street to ask about their pets. Of course, the greatest fix of all is when the grands fill the house with noise and activity and make everything all right with the world, but there I am watching those videos again.

The intense feeling lasted about two years…. although I almost relapsed a week ago when puppies from the Houston floods appeared locally. “Get a grip,” my daughter said. The good news is the dogs almost outnumber the humans in our neighborhood and daily they walk by and pull on their leashes to visit me. They love me and they know I can’t get enough. I can get my puppy-love-fix from my neighbors and my kitty-love-fix from my son’s six-toed feline that visits. For now, that is enough…


8 thoughts on “I don’t have a dog anymore…

  1. I, too, am surrounded by 4 legged loves. 1 dog & 1 cat 🐈 . I always hate to leave them when we travel but would be very comfortable leaving them with you for a week 😆🤣😂


  2. I have had a couple of cats but mostly dogs. We’ve been pet less now for about 14 years after downsizing. But, like you, we have two dogs, chickens, ducks, and goats, but I don’t have to be responsible for them. 🙂 After the grieving period, I’m okay with it because there are dogs everywhere including stores, businesses, and restaurants these days. 🙂

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  3. I can relate to your feelings here, Annie. I’ve almost always lived with cats, but after my last one died a few years ago I felt that I couldn’t go through the pain of losing any more of them. So I decided that I would live a pet-free life. And although I missed their companionship as I adjusted to living alone after divorce, I also appreciated not having to deal with the things that come with cats (vet bills, petsitter bills, hair on everything, cats pawing my face every morning, etc.). But a friend kept pressuring me to get more cats, and after many months she wore me down. I now live with two cats. I’ve grown to love them, but do I still miss the freedom and ease of my pet-free year. I think you’ve figured out the perfect solution!

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