Time to harvest

Once again, it’s time to harvest our herbs and pop it all into the freezer for the winter months. We have chives, oregano, basil, thyme, rosemary, and sage to make room for in the freezer.

This year, instead of freezing the parsley flat in a freezer bag, I followed different instructions.


After checking carefully for caterpillars and washing the parsley well, I removed thicker stems and old leaves.

It went into small freezer bags, tucked down firmly, then rolled into a cigar shape. The bag was rolled around the parsley squeezing out as much air as possible, then sealed.

All it needed was an ID and a rubber band… and voila! Fresh parsley is ready for mister gardener’s gourmet dinners all winter. He can just slice off as much as he wants. Easy-Peasy!

freezer parsley

6 thoughts on “Time to harvest

  1. My curly parsley is at its prettiest now and huge in the last few weeks here in central VA. These plants were all volunteers so they are growing in gravel paths. Never thought to freeze it, as I use it often in my fresh smoothies. May consider this easy method. Thanks.

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    • I’m wondering if you are able to cut parsley all winter. It grew year round at my home in Tidewater. It’s usually under 3′ of snow here in NH but bright green and happy when the snows melt. I’ll have to add a little to my morning smoothie!

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