A Day of Firsts

First day of summer and First garden tomato….
Nothing better than a garden grown tomato to celebrate Summer Solstice!



As news from around the world seems to be spinning out of control, I recently told the mainstream media to buzz off for a bit! My garden (as well as family, friends and neighbors, and volunteering) provided an offline pause that was needed to rest the mind.

This year every inch of the garden is extra healthy and bursting with greenery and blooms due to an abundance of cool weather and rain we had this spring. What a difference a year makes!  I find myself beating the bounds of our tiny garden often, doing a little weeding, deadheading, adding or transplanting a few plants, composting, or just watching the birds rather than being online. What a tonic!

We all know that in spite of news headlines, there really are wonderful things going on everywhere. You just have to look for it, then stay engaged in what matters to you. As the Brits say, “Keep Calm and Carry On.”  It’s a very good thing…

14 thoughts on “A Day of Firsts

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    • Yay! We’ve enjoyed spinach and lettuce, too…. and an abundance of herbs that I’ll freeze. Our solo tomato looks large but it was a mini that was already on the plant when we brought it home. Lucky us!!


  2. Picking the first ripe (and beautiful) tomato on the first day of summer. How poetically perfect! I’ve been taking a break from news sources, too. It’s amazing how much calmer I feel when I haven’t paid any attention to the news for a couple of days. Happy summer to you!

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  4. Anybody ever heard of “Hanover Tomatoes?” I have a close friend who has already brought me a nice haul, and now the grocers have them in at $2.99 lb. They have an unreal taste like no other. Try them if you can. We had BLTs today!! Fun article, Annie


    • I love those Virginia Hanover tomatoes! Right now, most folks here are happy to see little yellow blooms on their tomato plants. No tomatoes for weeks around these parts. You are lucky!


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