Antiques Roadshow

We were invited to a local presentation and appraisal by PBS Antique Roadshow’s Stuart Whitehurst last weekend. Not only is he ever so skilled at the art of appraisal, he has a talent for entertainment by interacting with those who of us who seemed to bring grandma’s “attic” finds and by keeping us laughing with stories and tales from his many years in the business.Stuart Whitehurst

For the most part, folks brought enjoyable and interesting objects: copies of famous paintings, paintings of ancestors, hand-painted and transferware dishes, glass objects, both silver and silverplated objects, and so forth.

Three items that stood out were a John James Audubon print, very early but not the very 1st edition (I wish I could remember more!)……


….. this very valuable Italian long-neck glass vase. (The lady who sat in front of me said maybe it was for ostrich feathers)….

Stuart Whitehurst 2017

….and something he’d never seen in a show and obviously made him smile, a 19th-century U.S. Navy commissioning pennant that ran the length of the room! These flags were the mark of a commissioned U.S. Navy ship and flew from the mast. The thirty-six hand-appliquéd stars on this pennant signified the new state of Nevada at the end of the Civil War. It is also called a “Paying Off” flag as the sailors were only paid only when the ship returned home to prevent desertion.

Stuart Whitehurst 2017

All in all, it was an enjoyable and educational evening… lots of refreshments, lots of interesting people, lots of period pieces, but I did not come away with anything of value (except to me).  Sigh….


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