Winter Walking in Exeter

I would define our community as a pedestrian friendly town. Many people who live here forgo their dependence on vehicles in favor of the healthy alternative…. walking and biking.

This is my 3rd winter in Exeter and it still amazes me that the streets are cleared of snow in the morning in the worst of snowstorms. Not just the streets….the sidewalks are cleared, too. Where some communities threaten to fine citizens for not shoveling their sidewalks, folks here can step out of their homes and walk to town almost immediately following a storm. It’s nifty mini-tractors that do the trick in today, but clearing local sidewalks is nothing new.

Here’s an old film showing our walks being cleared by horse and plow:

Today it’s done by modern horsepower:

sidewalk tractors

Here and there in the downtown, there are small alleyways dug through snow mounds  providing parkers access to sidewalks and shops. I don’t know if the town shovels these paths or the shop owners, but it’s critical for business. Otherwise you’d take a hike to the end of the block… in the street!

Stella brought us perhaps our last real dump of snow two days ago. This morning under sunny skies, I bundled up, stepped outside and was greeted by piles of snow on the sides of dry roads and cleared sidewalks. I love this little community that keeps the streets and sidewalks clear and makes winter walking fun.  All of it is quite indicative of the value Exeter places on pedestrians and a healthier lifestyle.


22 thoughts on “Winter Walking in Exeter

  1. That horse and sledge were still going strong in the 1950’s. I remember watching them from our windows on High Street. But this time, Portsmouth Ave. was a mess on Wednesday afternoon- piles and lumps of snow on the street you had to drive over. No sidewalks were plowed. I guess the town hadn’t gotten to that part yet. I am pretty sure the downtown merchants cut those paths into the snow piles for the customers.

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  2. Exeter is a charming town, one I often visited as we lived in the nearby town of Danville until a year and a half ago. I’m happy to have discovered your blog through Judy…it is a nice way to keep up with life in New Hampshire now that we live in Florida. 🙂

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    • I just visited your blog (Yum!) and see you are in Vero…one of my favorite spots in Florida. We moved to Exeter the winter you decided to relocate to Florida… the winter of the BIG SNOW. We questioned our sanity many times. Can’t wait to peruse your blog recipes and travels.


      • Yes…that winter did it for us. Having our roof shoveled twice was too much. That and taking care of three hundred apple trees. Life is much simpler here in Vero but I’ll always love New England. Thanks for your visit and I’ll enjoy keeping up with New Hampshire through your posts. 🙂

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  3. Oh, snow. Always so pretty until you have to deal with the aftermath. I moved south to warmer weather in the US and I must admit, I do miss it sometimes though.


    • Thanks for visiting. Love your travel blog. What adventures! Thankfully condo life takes care of snow removal… and traded my Prius this year for an all-wheel-drive. Life is good….


      • Condo life would be nice for that reason! I’m still stuck with 2 wheel drive, but I’ve learned how to manage it very carefully in the snow. Luckily we can pick and choose where to go while traveling to miss it sometimes!

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