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Feb 13 1017

I know bad things can happen during a major snowstorm but it does give you a boost to look out the window and see a blanket of pure white. We had a break in the snowstorm and decided to go for a short walk on our well-maintained street. The snow-laden branches of trees, dark against white beneath a heavy gray sky, were impressive. Soon the wind will pick up and that snow will be blown from the trees…. or limbs will fall beneath the weight. If that happens, we will keep our fingers crossed for no property damage, personal injury, or downed power lines!

Exeter Feb. 13 2017

February 13 2017

February 13 2017

February 13 2017


9 thoughts on “Snownormous!

  1. I am so tired of shoveling snow! Yes, we are way overdue for the delights you show just to our south, but … oh, my! On the upside, I am hoping to get my cross-country skis down tomorrow for a bit of practice around the yard. Didn’t get a shot at that last year.

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  2. Shoveled, snow blew, and knocked down icicles . Snow plow guy has been here 3 times. Wind is furious here. I have 14 or so inches on top of the 15 from Thursday.

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    • That’s a lot of snow in Epping! We must be close to that but haven’t heard officially. Icicles need to be removed here, too, but don’t have boots high enough. I need waders!


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