Do you compost?

I love smart appliances. My Alexa is becoming a good friend as she turns lights off and on, regulates thermostats, tells me the news I ask for, updates sports scores for mister gardener, and so much more. Siri is still a part of my life…especially away from home and with Apple Play in the jitney. Nest helped protect our home while we were away… alerting me when a leaf fell from a plant.

A recently debuted smart appliance has caught my eye. It’s the ZERA. Have you heard of it? If you are a gardener or environmentalist, you will be interested. There are many ways to recycle food wastes both indoors and outdoors, but this is an indoor food recycler that turns food scraps into compost in 16-24 hours. Yes, that’s right. It’s that 16-24 hours that intrigued me. How could that be?


ZERA Food Recycler

The recycler is a Whirlpool Corp. appliance, a freestanding gizmo, about 34″ tall. It is hefty at 118.6 lbs but looks very ‘kitchenie,’ like a tall trash can. All that food that is regularly sent to a landfill, including meats, can be converted to fertilizer in a day, the company maintains. It is designed to hold 8 lb. of food, a week’s worth for the average family.

whirlpool zera

The process uses heat and airflow and a small bag of ‘brown’ composting stuff containing coconut shells pellets…that the company sells. It is supposed to work without the pellets but the quality of compost won’t be as good. It’s just like adding ‘brown’ matter to our outdoor compost. The appliance is said to be quiet and there is no food odor.

I found the online site where they offered the early bird special at $699. I missed out on that but they are still offering a small discount online. Beginning early summer 2017, the first appliances will be available in test markets and at select retailers online sites for $1,199.  Yes, I want one and wish they’d selected me as a tester of the product. Check it out at Whirlpool.









5 thoughts on “Do you compost?

  1. My husband and I have been super intrigued by this gadget as well. At that price though, I think we will continue doing it the old-fashioned way for a while more. Having just started last Spring, we are composting newbies with just a small outdoor homemade bin at the moment.

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