Smart but getting smarter…

My youngest son is always thinking of unusual techie gifts for me at Christmas….things that I’ve never heard of or would never purchase for myself. Last year I opened a small box that contained something that looked like a tan branch with these words on the box: Parrot Flower Power. I had NO IDEA what it was. He laughed and told me a detail or two.  It is a plant monitor that senses when a potted plant needs sunlight, water, fertilizer, and proper temperature for the soil and the App sends alerts via bluetooth to my smartphone.

Yes, I’ve had fun with it for the past year although I though I was super plant savvy enough. It’s a bit addicting pitting me against the Parrot deciding what a plant needs. I used it outdoors in the summer in potted plants and now it’s inside for the winter telling me to water my indoor geraniums more than I feel is necessary. I do listen though.

There is a database of over 7,000 plants… more than I’d ever need but it’s fun to browse through the plants and see basic needs. If you’re curious about this gadget, check it out HERE.

This year I’m looking forward to being really smart in our home.  His gift was the echo dot so I can communicate with everything in every room in the house with my new assistant Alexa!  Move over Siri…..

2 thoughts on “Smart but getting smarter…

  1. I’m feeling like a real techie slacker here because I’ve never heard of Parrot Flower Power. 🙂 Please do a post on Alexa after you have time to work with her. I’d love to know what you use her for. I’ve heard of several people who got her as a present but hadn’t used it yet. 🙂

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    • I’ve having fun discovering what Alexa can do. Right now she is playing James Taylor for me. “Alexa, play James Taylor” Some commands I’ve used: “Alexa, give me news briefs” “Alexa, turn off living room lights” “Alexa, read my Kindle book”

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