A New Day, A New Year…

Last night, mister gardener and I enjoyed a lovely filet mignon dinner for two to celebrate New Year’s Eve. An early to bed guy, we expressed our Happy New Year wishes and he tucked in well before midnight, giving me the go-ahead to make the appropriate noises at midnight to frighten off all evil spirits that might be lurking. Well-wishes for the new year flew across states and timelines via texts and emails from family until 12:30 or so when I faded and hit the hay.

Today we hit the reset button for the new year of 2017. Christmas decorations have been put away. Our lovely tree sits outside providing a haven for small birds and today mister gardener and I talk about our gift of a brand new year and shared thoughts, plans, ideas, and desires.

Christmas Tree 2016

I don’t make a list of resolutions but it is a good time to reflect on the past and think about future wishes and dreams. We will do a little traveling, I plan to pick up my needlework again, and we both plan to move forward in a more positive direction. I feel bruised from political chaos and polarization that has become the new norm these days… and remedies seem remote. However, no one can take away HOPE.

Have a Happy, Healthy, and Vigorous New Year!

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