One holiday to the next…

Last week, I felt blessed to be in the midst of family for Thanksgiving, thinking about those family members who couldn’t be with us and reflecting on those who are no longer with us. Somehow those family traditions and tried and true recipes make everyone’s presence felt. What a week it was!

It was all good with some minor setbacks: three little children with colds, one mother fighting a cold, and at my house, a computer that bit the dust, a dishwasher that kicked the bucket, and signs of an impending cold. So, with houseguests, dishes piling up in the kitchen, and no computer, I’ve technically been offline (except for emails on my iPhone) and not checking the blog world. Thankfully, my recovered computer was plugged in two days ago and the dishwasher was repaired yesterday. Life is better.


We did all the usual fun things over the week…eating too much, watching the Macy’s parade, walks, shopping Black Friday sales in Portsmouth and encountering a very New England Santa passing out local coupons…img_0221

Exciting for two sons and a son-in-law was a weekend trip to the Ohio State-Michigan game in Columbus. With two of them OSU fans and one a Michigan grad, someone had to come away disappointed in this double overtime matchup.

With the turkey off the table, the glitter and lights of Christmas are in full swing everywhere. I’ve barely rolled my pumpkins to the curb at my house. I think it’s time for a little holiday music and a trip to the tree farm….


4 thoughts on “One holiday to the next…

  1. The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas does seem to happen in a blink. So glad you had a lovely visit with your family, despite colds and malfunctioning washers. The pies look delish! I always love seeing them lined up on a side table at Thanksgiving, waiting for the end of the meal ( when most are too darn full for pie but eat it anyway!). We all know that everyone cruises the pie section to make their choice almost immediately on arrival…….love this. Embrace the beauty of family and gathering, now more than ever, we need to keep all this in mind, don’t we? You, my friend, share so much of your precious life and your gratitude with us, thank you, thank you. And yes, love the Santa with the shades and the bean boots!

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    • I like a bit of time between the holidays to reminisce a little on the joy of the last gathering. Amazingly, as a child, I didn’t see our tree until Christmas morn. Santa installed our live tree on Christmas Eve, adored it with a mass of decorations, bubbly lights, and tinsel…. with wrapped gifts for all seven children. What a sight for us on Christmas morning. I greatly appreciate that overworked ‘Santa.’

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  2. Santa and LLBean = New England for sure. 🙂 Oh, the colds little grandkids can share with loved ones. I remember them well. It would seem like you just got over one and would start it all up again. Hope everyone is feeling better. Those pies looked mighty delicious. 🙂 Hope you get your town holiday lights up.

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