Lawn Overseeding in the Fall

I’ve been weeding undesirable grass from one area of the lawn for a few weeks leaving the area bare in spots. With overnight rain almost a certainty a few days ago, I took a chance on grass seed. Crazy maybe. We’re in the middle of a massive drought but grass is a cool weather plant and at this time of year, the nights are cool and dew can be heavy overnight. I aerated the area very well and top dressed it with a compost + soil builder mix and worked that well into the area. I overseeded with a good seed and topped the area with straw. It’s doing well so far with established grass and straw giving some protection.

grass-seedDew is heaviest in the fall and with cool nights, we should have a healthy crop of grass that winters over and will be nice and thick next spring…. ready for what summer throws at us, I hope.

This morning I took my camera outdoors before the sun had fully cleared the tips of the tall trees in the east. This will give you an idea of how heavy the fall dew can be.


The insects were out early this morning, wet wings and all:

milkweed-bugsunflower-bumblebeeOther dew drops on this morning. Click to enlarge photos:

mahoniakarley rose fountain grassBaptisia Australisred-veined-sorrelChicago Luster Viburnum Berriesnandina domesticaShasta Daisy 'Becky'styrax japanicus drupesartemisia-beach-wormwood

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