Officially a Drought

The National Weather Service has announced that New Hampshire is experiencing a moderate drought. We’ve had scant rainfall this spring. You might ask: Where’d all that record-setting snow melt go? I wondered, too.

The answer is two-fold: Our snow was ‘fluffy and dry’ according to Alan Dunham, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Taunton, Massachusetts and the water content of our snow was low. Secondly, according to Michael Rawlins, an assistant professor of geosciences and a hydrology specialist at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, the small amount of water in the soil has evaporated. The upper surfaces of soil were saturated but with little precipitation, it’s gone.

Rolling Green1

It’s been hot and dry at  my work place, Rolling Green Nursery, but just seven minutes of overhead watering first thing in the morning on the hottest days give perennials enough moisture until we can get a hose to them all.

The National Weather Service tells us that summer will bring extended dry conditions to southern portions of New Hampshire. Voluntary water restrictions are already being put into effect. Thankfully, we aren’t experiencing the dire conditions that western states are enduring but we’re having a small taste of it and the National Weather Service is predicting a dry summer for us in southern New Hampshire. Mild droughts are more common here than many realize and data tells us that droughts are expected to become more frequent as our climate changes.

However, our collective wish was answered yesterday when the heavens finally opened for a good part of the day. Today we have a soaking rain and tomorrow should bring the same. We will need a lot more though!

I took a walk around my own landscape this morning and saw some happy plants just soaking it in. There is nothing quite so beautiful as a life-sustaining rain. Hover over photo to ID plants or click to enlarge.

6 thoughts on “Officially a Drought

    • We set aside yesterday as a neighborhood cleanup day. We cancelled the labor and celebrated the rain at a neighborhood potluck. There was relief and a smile on everyone’s face! Oh, and yes, Rolling Green is amazing…


  1. The rain is welcome, the cold is not. I was wondering why all the snow we had seemed to make no difference when May was so dry. Thanks for the info!! How lucky you are to work at a garden center!! That is on my bucket list Annie. Nicely done!!


    • With temperatures in the mid-40’s, we are bundled up today but we still took a walk in the rain! Delightful! If working at a garden center is on your bucket list, you will probably do it…

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  2. We also could use some rain in Ware Neck! It seems to rain everywhere but here. 88 today! Watering every other day. Luv your posts!


    • Ahhhh…. my old stomping grounds of Ware Neck VA. I checked your weather online and this should be a wet and warm week. Everything should be blooming by week’s end. I do miss Virginia and especially Ware Neck!


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