You CAN go home again…

I made the decision to temporary abandon the sluggish spring of New England and head south to Virginia to attend a sweet niece’s wedding. The wedding was the reason for the trip but of course we found more than enough reason to stay awhile. We needed to recharge batteries, check out the Commonwealth’s peak of spring color, and reconnect with all but one of my  6 siblings.


Out of town siblings stayed at the home of my brother and his wife where their well-maintained landscape is the very essence of Virginia. I just missed the tulip and daffodil season but the azaleas, exploding with color, shared space with boxwood, double file viburnum, red tip photinia, golden rain tree, dogwood trees that hung on to their blossoms just for me. Walking along pathways revealed tall fiddlehead ferns, delicate Solomon’s seal blooms, vines, graceful plumes of a fringe tree, and oh so many more treasures.

It is always fun to relax among family members who share your memories, know how to enjoy a good meal and a good conversation and lots of laughter. (I always feel sorry for the spouses on these vacations.) We played Musical Houses and dined with 3 siblings for breakfast, lunch, and dinners, and, of course, at a lovely rehearsal dinner.

WSA10We drove from Richmond to Surry County, Virginia for our niece’s amazing wedding on the lawn of her parent’s first home, an 19th century home that they restored many years ago… now owned by friends who have added an additional home on the property. What a happy occasion! What a wedding! What a day!

Now back home in New Hampshire where in my yard tulips are in bloom and the crab apple is ready to burst into color…. and back for summer work at Rolling Green Nursery where I get paid to play among the perennials! Joy. Joy.

10 thoughts on “You CAN go home again…

  1. What a fun time! So nice to be among family, to reconnect, relax, and attend such an exciting event. And who wouldn’t want to leave their own lovely landscape ( once in awhile) to enjoy another……looks like your siblings love plants too! Happy gardening days to you!


      • We didn’t really have almost 5 feet of snow just a few months back now, did we? Can’t believe how quickly plants are popping up, no real loss from the winter……amazing nature! Always impressing us! Enjoy your day, denise


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