April Fool’s Prank in Exeter

Some covert activity occurred in the wee hours of April 1st. Exeter had been Yarn Bombed! We all awoke to a downtown that had been turned into an outdoor gallery of art…. and all for a good cause, the greater Womenade of the Greater Squamscott, an organization that provides financial assistance when it is not available through other sources. Not only does this artistic graffiti event bring awareness to Womenade, it helps the organization financially.  Last year’s yarn bombing in Exeter brought in more than $4500 through sponsorship, business support, and individual support.

Exeter Yarn BombingI, along with many others, followed the trail of whimsical and colorful trees, railings, fences, and doors that were tagged along both sides of the street. Some of the artistic grafitti I recognized from last year’s event but I saw plenty of fun new creations. Here are a few photos shared in a slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After a month, these works of art will be carefully removed and packed away, leaving nary a trace of yarn behind.

10 thoughts on “April Fool’s Prank in Exeter

    • I guess the town’s name is fairly common although I didn’t know that until I moved to New Hampshire the winter before last. New Hampshire’s Exeter is named for Exeter, Devon in England.


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