Signs of Spring 2015

It’s the first day of spring and… YIPPEE… there are signs that the season of rebirth is here. We still have a foot of snow in the yard but we can see positive signs that spring has arrived.

The “snow squirrels” (red squirrels) don’t live in their vast web of snow tunnels anymore:

"snow" squirrelThe appearance of snowflies (click to see it):

snowflyThe infamous snow truck camouflaged all winter at a shopping center is finally exposed:

snow truckOur bluebirds have arrived:

…and finally, the real estate market that was flat due a severe winter is booming again:

Happy Spring everyone!

9 thoughts on “Signs of Spring 2015

  1. Hello my dear friend! This is your nursery buddy Heidi. Finally got around to finding your blog. It is beautifully done and I really enjoyed reading it. Just spent this rainy afternoon reading about your adventures in zone 5 and I loved it. Thanks for sharing. See you at Rolling Green on Friday.


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