A Little Springtime in a Cookie!

Our garden club held a board meeting recently in a member’s home that had all of us whistling springtime tunes as we left even though snow is still knee high in New Hampshire. You see, she added little spring with the goodies she and her co-host served.

We are always well-fed at these meetings. Nothing like quiche… both crab AND vegetable… breakfast breads, blueberry muffins (local blueberries!), fruit, drinks…..

…. but the pièce de résistance was the host’s cookie that got us all excited for spring. At first glance, the basket appeared to be full of seed packets for members to take home, but, no, these were actual cookies….

….Vintage Seed Packet Sugar Cookies!

vintage seed packet sugar cookieHave you ever seen anything so cute? Yes, these are edible sugar cookies with a thin seed packet wafer of potato starch, veggie oil, and water ‘glued’ over the top. She made the cookies and ordered the seed packets on the web from a company named Fancy Flours.

The recipe for the cookie and icing, the cookie cutter, and a host of wafers for every holiday or occasion in a multitude of colors can be found on the website. Check it out.

And, yes, they were melt-in-your-mouth yummy.
Welcome Spring!

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