Blizzard 2015 Visits New England

A week ago, I spoke a little too soon about needing some snow in New Hampshire. This week the January 2015 blizzard came to town. The snow started on Tuesday and never stopped. When all was said and done on Wednesday morning, we officially had 25+ inches on the ground in Exeter…. however, high winds whipped snow, swirled snow, and piled snow in every nook and cranny creating mountains you could get lost in. Beautiful to watch from the window with a crackling fire, a fine cup of java, and two good books to take me far away.

To give you an idea of the Great Dig Out, here is my grandson with his dog following along as his parents forged a path to their mailbox in Portsmouth, a city that received a whopping 31 inches of snow, according to local news.

Drew on Path

And this is how they found the mailbox, buried by the snowplows under several feet of snow. More dig out…

Mail Box in PortsmouthIn Exeter, mister gardener dug a series of deep trenches to the bird feeders trying to keep our feathered friends well-fed for the duration of the storm. All birdseed we scattered atop the snow was completely covered within minutes.

birdprintsBefore the storm hit, we built a small snowman with available snow on the deck railing.Β  The snows of ‘Juno’ began and we were certain it would be the end of Mister Snowman.Our small Snowman But he withstood the whipping winds of the blizzard. We found him standing upright in the morning although he’d lost an arm and had transformed into Mr. Conehead with a cape.snowman2Very slowly over the next three days, our little man began to lean more and more until he finally toppled and expired late today.

The cleanup continues in New Hampshire with two more winter snowstorm warnings on the horizon. We are ready for them, but not for another threat that emerged this morning. Icicles can possibly foreshadow the dreaded…. ICE DAMS …..identical to the one that caused a leak around our skylight last winter! Yikes! Give me a good snowstorm any day!


21 thoughts on “Blizzard 2015 Visits New England

  1. That is a lot of snow! It was forecast here too but we only ended up with around 6 inches. Ice dams are awful. I had one here a few years ago and water from my upstairs bathroom came down into my kitchen. Good luck this weekend! Mr. Conehead, lol!!


  2. Your snowman is so cute, but the grandson wins out in the beauty contest. πŸ™‚ We got the drive cleared ‘again’ yesterday but a part on the John Deere broke that controls the blower. Ugh. We have it cobbled together to get through Monday’s storm and the part on order. LOL This has been some week of weather.


  3. We’ve had problems with ice dams in the past. If it’s just one room that’s vulnerable, if you can reduce the heat in that room it will help slow the melting from the bottom of the snow. For the future, with a generous application of money, if you can increase the insulation between your ceiling and the roof, and/or add an ice shield under the shingles that can also help prevent ice dams.


    • We’re looking into different ways to insulate. I guess it would be a generous application of money! We added the ice shield but I’d really like to remove the skylights…. πŸ˜•


  4. love the photos of your grandson, they really give perspective to the amount of snow that came down! I am 5’5″ and in some spots the drifts are taller than me! And with another foot to come on Monday. I am counting the days until spring –48!


    • I am totally flabbergasted by the amount of snow, Patti. And when shoveling, we discovered there were layers where the snow texture varied. So feather soft on top and I’ve never seen snow like that. Now I understand why the Eskimos have so many names to describe snow.


  5. Of course, being in Virginia, it is always beautiful. I think I see a large Virginia dragonfly shivering in one of your cold, but beautiful, shots.


  6. Make certain your roof soffits have good ventilation, with no insulation in them. Also, I think one can install a heat strip on soffits to keep the icicles away.


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