Meet the Girls

There are a dozen cute girls who live just a stone’s throw from our home.  These girls just happen to wear red and white feathers because they’re chickens, Golden Comets to be precise, a cross breed between a Rhode Island Red and Rhode Island White. They love visitors and they’re the friendliest chicks I’ve ever met.  Plus they supply us with super large organic brown eggs every weekend. We love the girls!

Golden Comet eggsThe Golden Comets are very well-behaved so it’s always fun to pay them a visit. Recently I thought it’d be fun to drop in on the girls with my toddler grandson. I’m not sure he’d ever seen a chicken except the ones in picture books. The owner fed the hens well so the toddler could approach them without scattering them.

hensBut as soon as he saw them, he stopped in his tracks. We kept telling him these were chickens… just like the ones in his book.

hens and D.I’m not sure the girls had ever seen a little person either and they gave him the once-over. But it didn’t take long for them to approach and welcome him. That gave him a enough confidence to be a little boy and soon he was off. Run girls, run!

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8 thoughts on “Meet the Girls

    • I must admit… he is too cute for words. And we do know how fortunate we are to have those eggs! They sell out fast. Fortunately we live so close we can be one of the first ones there.


  1. What a wonderful experience for a toddler.
    I will always be very fond of these feathered gentle creatures which provide so much for mankind.


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