Staying Cool…

On hot, dry days at Rolling Green Nursery, overhead sprinklers can buy us a little time in the morning until we can get the hose on plants that flag first in the July heat.

Rolling Green SprinklersThat means a lot of time on sultry days is spent deep watering.  We move slowly through the rudbeckia….

Rudbeckiathe liatris….

Liatristhe sage….

sageIt’s a bit of a relief to slip beneath the covered area to water the shade plants,

Fernsand then it’s back out in the hot sun for a second watering of the Leucanthemum…..

Shastas….until the end of the day when we sometimes need a cool shower ourselves before calling it a day. We love our work!


Heidi cools down before heading home for the day

5 thoughts on “Staying Cool…

  1. I think a shrink would have me committed if he heard me talking to my plants, my dragonflies, my fish, my frogs, my birds, especially the hummers and catbirds who seem to really be interested.
    Recently a painter of ours was on a 40 ft ladder, looking down puzzlingly, and asked, “…..’Scuse me…..who you talking to?” I told him, and explained it was therapy….and it kept my plants happy too, as I walked about with my spray wand.


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