Emerald Ash Borer Awareness Week

The United States Department of Agriculture and the governor of New Hampshire, Maggie Hassan, have declared May 18-24 Emerald Ash Borer Awareness Week in New Hampshire. Citizens are encouraged to learn the signs of infected trees, learn more about the insect, and ways to slow the spread of the emerald ash borer (Agrilus planipennis), a destructive insect introduced from Southeast Asia.

One telltale sign on the ash tree is bark ‘blonding’ where woodpeckers remove the top layer of bark exposing a lighter color of the cambium. Now is a good time to spot affected trees before the leaves fully emerge.

Tens of millions of ash trees have already been lost in the midwest, eleven of them at my son’s home in Ohio. He sent the photos below of tunnels left by larvae beneath the bark, tunnels that disrupt the transport of nutrients and water and eventually cause the demise of the tree.

Emerald Ash Borer on Ashemerald ash borer signsThe camping season will be getting underway on Memorial Day weekend. We all need to be aware that the larvae can be spread by transporting infested firewood. Campers can do their part by using firewood that is close to your campsite.

To learn more about the emerald ash borer, click HERE.

6 thoughts on “Emerald Ash Borer Awareness Week

  1. Great photos. What a horrible pest. I am not familiar with ash in Virginia. Aren’t the worst pests of all genera imported?


    • True that introduced species can become invasive or spread disease or disrupt habitats but on the other hand, others can be harmless or even welcome. The honeybee is an example of a non-native we depend on.


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