Buried in Snow

During our first summer in Exeter last year, we saw several unusual mailboxes as we took walks along a rural road. We chuckled as we saw one after another of these swinging mailboxes along the route. We believed that folks were expressing their individuality and creativity. But oh no. We totally understand now. The massive snowbanks are receding along these roadways and today, the first day of spring, we were able to venture out for a walk. Seeing these swinging mailboxes in the receding snow made us realize what these homeowners have created: an indestructible mailbox system.

Swinging Mailboxswinging mailboxswinging mailboxMost mailboxes are damaged by the force of flying snow and ice from the snowplow rather than being flattened by the dreaded plow. These swinging mailboxes move with the snow, then fall back into place. Brilliant!

Their neighbor below had a different solution. He placed the mailbox pole in a large container… probably filled with heavy rocks. Once the snow melted enough, he planned to simply right the container.  But wait… I see he’ll need a new mailbox. The door must be under the snow somewhere.

calusity of snow warsA sad but common sight around these parts…

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