Greenhouse Yard Sale

When a local nursery publicized a yard sale this weekend in our 38° weather, my curiosity was piqued. So, yes, I attended a yard sale in a greenhouse yesterday. The sale was not mobbed but the customers who arrived early, like the lady below, were staking out their claims and having fun doing it.

Happy ShopperWhat did they offer for sale? Not plants like I hoped. Phooey. But there were some interesting leftovers from holidays, surplus stock, and slightly damaged garden items from last season that made it fun to poke around.

Click to enlarge

I didn’t go away with much. But I did purchase some new slip-on garden clogs, a precious little porcelain bird bud vase from Two’s Company, some garden soap, and two attractive cache pots. The pots look like they came right out of an Italian countryside and they were reduced to $2 apiece! They had about 6 or 8 left. I bought two and we went home for lunch. As we ate our noon meal, my thoughts drifted back to the attractive cache pots. Why’d I only get two? I need an odd number. Matter of fact, I want several more. I could keep my three and use the rest planted with small flowering plants as fabulous gifts.

mister gardener offered to dash back and buy at least 5 for me.  Ten minutes later he reappeared in the doorway… empty-handed. “They were gone. All of them. Sold out.”  Sad faced, I could only hear the words of my dear departed mother, the official World’s Greatest Consumer, whose shopping philosophy she oft quoted and lived by, “He who hesitates is lost.” This time she was right.

cache pots

12 thoughts on “Greenhouse Yard Sale

  1. they always have interesting things at that yard sale! last year I got some great small trellises for my pots. But if you want plants, UNH has its Greenhouse Open House starting and you need to get there early for that too!


    • You are observant! It was 38° outside but a few degrees warmer inside. I almost bought that thermometer. I’m sure it sold quickly after I left. It was half price!


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