Spring Tease at the Winter Farmers’ Market

Spring officially arrives in a matter of days but it certainly doesn’t feel like it. With snow still piled high outside our door, we sought refuge at the Wentworth Greenhouses Farmers’ Market where local farmers have been toiling straight through the harshness of winter to bring their wares to market. We were thankful for a rare sunny day that warmed the greenhouses and brought us all out of hibernation.

Wentworth NurseryThere is something special about meeting the farmers and bakers and venders (and often their families) to say thank-you for bringing us the freshest of local wares. We usually visit vegetable stands first and stock up.

Click on photos to enlarge.

Baked goods were too delicious to pass up and on the way to being sold out. The breads from Sunnyfield Bakery were a hit and, yes, we took home our share.

From soap to wool to rugs, beer and preserves, to cheeses and meats, the variety and quality of merchandise is always marvelous!

And, as usual, we shopped to toe tapping entertainment. Sandra Koski

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