Blue Snow…

Frigid temperatures have plunged us back in an unwelcome deep freeze this week. Snow on the ground is frozen solid like a glacier, dangerous to walk on. Oh, but last week we were able to enjoy a perfect snow (in my opinion), a nice wet snowman building snow that created a flocked winter wonderland. No matter how tired we are of the white stuff, the view was breathtaking.

Gray clouds that seemed to spread a bluish cast over the snow. That blue cast was actually due to the density and heaviness of the wet snow. Snow is colorless. Dry, fluffy snow contains more air bubbles to reflect light out, thus looking more white.  The heavy, wet snows absorb more red light and the more red that is absorbed, the bluer the the snow. Image Image Walking through the neighborhood was like walking through a movie set where every branch, auto, and blade of grass has been sprayed with faux snow. Image Image Image Image Image And we weren’t the only ones out and about. We passed a steady stream of walkers, runners, and canines out for a slushy snow excursion.


10 thoughts on “Blue Snow…

  1. That is a wonderland. Here in Virginia, folk don’t know how to handle this beautiful stuff. They close schools at the first sign of a flake, and too many drive dangerously fast, not thinking about the stuff being too slippery to stop a 3000 lb. vehicle. Your photos were beautiful!


    • I’ve enjoyed reading and learning more about mosses, ferns, fungi and the history of New Hampshire from you. My son, a recent grad of Keene State, loves to walk the trails you write about and find what you have photographed. Great blog.


      • Thank you. I am occasionally purposefully vague about directions to a certain place, and that’s because I don’t want biological supply companies going there and taking all the plants. This is especially true wherever liverworts grow, but if your son would like to see these place all he has to do is email me and I’ll give him directions. I’m glad he’s getting out and enjoying nature!


  2. It is indeed beautiful and expected for your part of the world. The little bit of snow we had earlier in the week has lingered longer than it should have and is neither blue or white, but is getting that ugly gray-brown color.


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