“Neither Snow nor Rain…”

Roads have been cleared enough for us to take a peek at our community and see how these folks are coping with the snow.

IMG_7347This was a common sight along our drive. We saw many homeowners who were excavating by hand, however two out of three vehicles we passed were trucks with snow plows. It’s a huge business here.

shoveling snow in ExeterSome people can’t wait for freezing weather. This family floods their front yard annually for a little ice hockey at home. As long as the weather holds, this rink is full of kids. In the warmer months, it reverts back to healthy green grass. How does that happen?

IceNeither the frigid temperatures nor the snow has had much effect on hardy New England shoppers… although it’s all single-file on the sidewalks. IMG_7356

The most unusual sight we witnessed was St. Nick heading toward his sleigh…err… car in a parking lot. Heads turned but we saw no one chasing Santa down to hand over a last minute wish list.photo 2We do admire these New England residents and their adoption of the unofficial US Post Office motto. As for us, we are back in the warmth of home, fire in the fireplace, Christmas carols in the background, a good book to carry us through the afternoon.

2 thoughts on ““Neither Snow nor Rain…”

  1. Of course you could have done an entire post just about digging out the end of the driveway … the part the public works snowplows keep filling in.
    People in warmer climes think this stuff’s pretty. Time for the rest of the story, right?
    By the way, you gonna update the nameplate photo when the bob houses come out? Guess that’s the real sign that winter’s arrived around here.
    Merry, merry, all the same, from up on the other end of Great Bay.


    • I’m just learning about bob houses, those little huts on runners that are pushed out on the ice for ice fishing. It is a HUGE sport in NH. I will be watching for them this winter….only from the shore though. Greetings of the season to you, too.


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