Close Encounter….

Ahhhh, the struggles of adjusting to a neighborhood. A tomcat has been visiting our deck during the night. I’ve seen him at night peeking through the french doors. He’s the same cat that killed our nest of baby robins during the summer. I caught him climbing inside the viburnum going after the babies twice and I literally chased him down the block.  But his persistence paid off and he finally did the deed.

He’s still around and he doesn’t like me.The birds alert me of his arrival during the day but at night he is leaving stinky calling cards around our deck that I must hose off each morning. I want to catch him in the act. This darn cat, like Bill Murray’s gopher in Caddy Shack, is always one step ahead of me.

Two days ago I discovered a chunk of the yard looked like this…..

Holes!and this…..

Holes...Could a cat do that? I had to find out. That evening, I cracked open one of the french doors to the deck, pulled up a dining room chair and waited, camera in hand, pre-set for night photography. It took a while but finally I saw movement of the feline slinking slowly into the yard in the shadows along the edge of the rhododendrons.

Closer, closer he crept. I leaped into action with my camera.  “Ah-ha, I gotcha!”  I hopped out, lifted the camera, and saw the ‘cat’ not running away but racing toward me. It wasn’t a cat! My camera went one way and I went the other… back inside and slammed the door.

When I ventured out to retrieve my camera and uploaded the photo, this is what I photographed. I was quite naive to suspect a cat dug all those holes and I was very lucky to be quick on my feet. Our yard is now the official territory of a lovely Pepé Le Pew.


4 thoughts on “Close Encounter….

  1. Pepe le Pew visits us on rare occasion, and is more than welcome, as he is the only creature which digs and devours yellow jacket nests. He accomplishes this feat nocturnally, and leaves the empty nests next to the hole he digs. Again, this fellow is some kinda welcome here. He is very bashful, and to observe him you have to even breath very, very lightly, while not moving.


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