It’s your DOOTY!

PooIs it getting worse? Or maybe it’s because I’m living in a neighborhood for the first time in many, many years. It’s a small dog-friendly neighborhood with an association and lots of rules to obey, two of which are strict leash regulations and a mandatory “pick-it-up” rule.  Hey, it’s a New Hampshire state law, too!

In America, we love our dogs, and, yes, I’m very dog friendly. It’s the dog poo in the yard, sidewalks and road I can’t tolerate. The majority abide by rules but I watch people allowing their animals to poo freely when nature calls, then walk away. Or I see the dogs under cover of darkness doing their dooty. Yoo-hoo, we have street lights and I can see you!

It’s not limited to our neighborhood. Here are some other signs I’ve seen in the area:

My parting words: Be a conscientious dog owner, be a good neighbor and good citizen and PICK UP YOUR DOG POO or maybe I’ll be forced to hire this choir for a couple of weeks. That might do it.

6 thoughts on “It’s your DOOTY!

  1. I’ve had similar problems with neighbors in the past and it’s something I just don’t understand. I pick up after my pooch and don’t know why some people have a hard time doing it. I pushed my stroller through some unseen dog poo on the sidewalk a few weeks ago. I was not happy. 😠


  2. Yes…we have the same problem with certain neighbors, as well. There is nothing worse than stepping in an unknown dog’s DOOTY on the way to MY mailbox!


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