Late Summer Temptations…

Today, under cloudless blue skies, temperatures in the mid-70’s, we mingled with the crowds at our Exeter’s Farmers’ Market. All mister gardener needed were cucumbers for tonight’s Greek Salad and I was in the market for eggplant after seeing Diary of a Tomato’s Roasted Ratatouille, but it didn’t end there. Late season fruits and vegetables in a rainbow of colors were plentiful and tempting. We tried to meander and simply ‘oooo and ahhhh’ but it was the samples that won us over. After tasting a tidbit here and there, the temptation was too much. We came home with three bags full.

Here are some of the temptations that we could not resist today.

11 thoughts on “Late Summer Temptations…

    • No Hanovers in this neck of the woods. The allegiance runs deep in Richmond for Hanover tomatoes. I think regional tomatoes are always the best if they’re fresh off the vine!


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