Coastal Maine Botanical Garden

When friends invited us to join them Down East at the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden in Boothbay, we jumped at the opportunity. It was voted Tripadvisor’s #1 in April’s Top 10 Public Gardens in the U.S. For a botanical garden that only opened its gates in 2007, that seems remarkable.

The mission of the garden is “to protect, preserve, and enhance the botanical heritage and natural landscapes of coastal Maine…”  Almost 250 acres of stunning beauty and miles of trails along the waterfront, through pristine woodlands, and ornamental gardens simply took our breath away.

This time of year, the hydrangeas are stunning and the gardens took full advantage. The combination of large globular white flowers of ‘Incrediball’ and the hot pink of ‘Invincibelle Spirit,’ a fairly new addition to the market, were a delicious combination in the children’s garden.

Mist sprayed from several boulders in the children's garden to cool off on a hot summer day.

Mist sprayed from several boulders in the children’s garden, a fun way to cool on a hot summer day.

Wonderful whimsical touches invited children to run, to touch, to participate in all aspects of the Children’s Garden from watering the flowers, planting vegetables, to art projects.

My favorite garden was The Garden of the Five Senses. To show how a garden will delight, visitors are invited to renew their senses by sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch.

Five Senses Sweeps of my favorite daisy, ‘Becky’ (Leucanthemum x superbum) lined the pond in the touch garden. I stood there for awhile and admired the variety of insects that feasted on the beautiful blooms.


We took a break midway through our adventure to dine in the Kitchen Garden Cafe where delicious cuisine is created using organic and local ingredients. Herbs, fruits, and vegetables come from their own gardens. It was a very good day.

For more information about the gardens, go to the website for Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. To see more scenes from several of the gardens watch the slideshow below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

8 thoughts on “Coastal Maine Botanical Garden

  1. WOW, what a beautiful place to visit! All those flowers! I love that little blue jacket with the bird on the shoulder. Could you tell what material they used? Looks like clay. The Fairy houses are darling too, were they made by the visitors?


    • I would be surprised if Peter Rabbit’s blue jacket was made of clay, but, honestly, I don’t know what the material is. I loved the Fairy Houses that children made. I’ve seen adorable ones on Mackworth Island in Maine, too.


  2. Those are the nicest looking Invincibelle Spirits I have seen. They are generally weak plants here, though that may have more to do with a a rush to market by the wholesalers.


    • It was interesting how the hydrangeas were planted so close together. They seemed to hold each other up. As beautiful as this garden is, I believe Norfolk Botanical Garden is tops.


  3. We are sailors and visited this garden while in Booth Bay Harbor and enjoyed it. We posted about it on our Blog, You commented on the birds we saw at Isles of Shoals, for which I thank you. We are not gardeners and our favorite aspect of the Boothbay garden was the contemplative garden down by the river


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