Green grass and Green trash…

When visiting DC recently, we decided to stay in the Rosslyn neighborhood of Arlington, just a short 5-munute walk over Key Bridge to Georgetown or a hop, skip commute into DC. In the evenings, before retiring for the night, we enjoyed a stretch of the legs exploring the ins and outs of the old community. We strolled down to Gateway Park on Friday eve to check out the gardens in bloom and were met with crowds of young merrymakers on the cool green grass.

Every Friday night in the summer months, classic movies of the 90’s are featured on the big screen at the Outdoor Film Festival. Just grab your favorite person, a blanket or lawn chair, some nibbles and prepare to be entertained. The movie that night was Bring It On, a film about cheerleaders with Kirsten Dunst.  Ummmm, never heard of it….. so it was decided we were definitely too old for this crowd. We admired the flowers around the park and walked back uphill to our accommodations and late night refreshments.

It was along the walk back to the hotel that we saw an interesting trash container. A recycling bin and a solar trash compactor sat side by side. Solar trash compactor? BigBelly was the official name, said to eliminate 4 out of 5 trash collections, keeping the fuel guzzling trash trucks off the roads and lots of trash from overflowing bins off the streets. It holds 150 gallons of trash compared to 30 gallons in a normal bin, all compacted by solar energy. What green, green trash we have here.

I later learned that every one of Rosslyn’s trash cans have been replaced with BigBelly solar compactors, saving the area about 80% in energy and money. Another neat thing: the compactor sends a text message telling the collectors, “Hey, I’m full.”  I think that the BigBelly is way cool but it’d be even way cooler if we could just make less garbage.

5 thoughts on “Green grass and Green trash…

    • Not sure what the racoons, rats, squirrels, crows and seagulls will do. We must have a BigBelly somewhere near us and the seagulls are hungry. mister gardener was enjoying lobster on our deck when I was away. He left his dinner to go to the kitchen for a lobster pick. When he returned, a BIG seagull was standing on his plate enjoying his meal.


  1. That BigBelly sounds like a great idea. I wish we had them in San Diego. That’s a funny story about the Mr. Gardener’s lobster dinner. But, I bet Mr. Gardener didn’t think so.


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