The Show is Over

Torrential rainfall, accompanying winds, then more rain, and a little more rain ended our rhododendron show too soon.

on the ground One by one, blooms slid along their pistils and fell to a heap in the grass.sliding bloomsWaterlogged blossoms still dangling from branches were visited by dozens of bees today. Competition was lively and the buzzing was a steady drone for most of the day.

bees Petal drop was everywhere. Lilac  and viburnum blooms are also finished and petals are decorating the grass in different shades. I am sorry to see the show end but never sorry to see a good spring rain.

3 thoughts on “The Show is Over

  1. Beautiful till the end. Do y’all enjoy lilies of all sorts there? They are about the only thing popping now here in Richmond, VA.


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