The Welcome Sign is Out

I occasionally saw this beauty during migration in Virginia but we now live where the Rose-breasted Grosbeak breeds. Although they are insect eaters and fruit eater, too, this male adores our sunflower seed and doesn’t care how close I get to him. He’s got to fill his tummy.

mister gardener laughed when I put up this window feeder over the breakfast table. We though we’d never see a bird there, but, lo and behold, it’s a favorite spot for dining and provides much entertainment (and dirty windows!) for us.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak maleIf I make too much noise or move too much, the grosbeak moves to the other feeder and patiently waits for me to settle down.

rose-breastedHe will dine at the other feeder but much prefers to sink his head into the larger quantity of seed in the window feeder.

GrosbeakClick photos twice for a closer look….

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